[ubuntu-uk] Two things I wanted to ask about.....

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Wed Jun 24 17:56:58 BST 2009

Matthew Daubney wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-06-24 at 17:40 +0100, John wrote:
> <snippy snip snip>
>> Hi Neil,
>> thank you for the links, they are really useful, I keep forgetting about 
>> those. I do already have those, and have looked through a few of them. I 
>> learnt how to add Root Nautilus Launcher to the panel, and a few other 
>> things as well. What I really need is to be shown how to use the 
>> terminal, different commands and things. For example, I have an orange 
>> dongle, and need to compile something in it and it says that I need to 
>> do it to file on my desktop, but first I need to cd to it. Well, for 
>> some reason, I just cant work out how to get it to work. Things like 
>> that, if you understand what I mean. Sorry for being so dense. :(
>> John
> Hi John, 
> In a couple of months, there will be an Ubuntu Global Jam, the places
> have yet to be decided, but there will be a meeting on IRC to discuss
> these things at some point. No doubt Daviey, our glorious leader, will
> appear at the appropriate time with some more information :)
> The reason I bring this up is that there will be a wealth of people who
> are interested in problems like yours and looking at ways to help. If we
> could get a few people together and sit down with you and jot down what
> exactley are your needs/wants, maybe we could come up with a set of
> screencasts or similar to help people in your situation? The people who
> most need this kind of help are sometimes the less vocal in explaining
> what help they need, so this would be of immense use. I intend to go to
> this Jam, and would certainly be interested in your PoV, as I imagine
> would be a few others.
> Hopefully you can see where I'm coming from here? It may be a bit
> daunting, but we don't bite, honest!
> -Matt Daubney
Oh wow, that would be really useful. I have not been to one before. 
Would it be in London, or somewhere else.


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