[ubuntu-uk] wacom bamboo

norman norman at littletank.org
Tue Jun 23 14:27:31 BST 2009

At last, I have my bamboo up and running and, as far as it goes, it
works really well and all that remains is to make the buttons work. To
do this I have a script which I was told would work in
home/username/.xinitrc file. However, as far as I can find out no such
file exists in Ubuntu. There is a file /etc/X11/init/xinitrc so I put
the script there but that does not appear to work. There is a suggestion
that the file could be made to autostart but while I can find lots of
references to autostart programmes I cannot see how to autostart a
script in Ubuntu. I have tested bits of the script in a terminal and it
works, please help.


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