[ubuntu-uk] wacom bamboo

norman norman at littletank.org
Mon Jun 15 21:28:37 BST 2009

> > My tablet arrived today and it worked straight out of the box in Ubuntu
> > 9.04. Now all I have to do is to learn how to use it.
> Norman >>> I'm very pleased to hear that it was so straightforward.  (I 
> think if I'd known when I bought the Intuos4 what I know now, I'd have 
> gone for the Bamboo!)
> What do the control buttons at the top of the tablet do?  Do these work 
> in Ubuntu?  (The control buttons on the Intuos4 don't work - apart from 
> the scroll ring, which does.  I notice Rolf's aside in the 'Tablets' 
> video that his Intuos3 buttons didn't work, and he just used the keyboard.)

Big moan the buttons and the scroll ring do not work. I use Gimp and
need to use Enter and Ctrl keys quite a lot. If only two of the buttons
could be customised then the keyboard would only be needed for naming
folders and files.
> Congratulations on your successful purchase!  I hope you have lots of 
> fun with it.

Thanks, now comes the learning curve.


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