[ubuntu-uk] Scheduling a reboot of Ubuntu?

Alex Birchall A.Birchall at mdx.ac.uk
Mon Jun 15 12:50:04 BST 2009


I'd like to schedule a reboot of my Ubuntu server.

When I type sudo crontab -l at the prompt, the following is displayed:

#m h dom mon dow	command
40 12 * * 0-7 eprints reboot

As I understand it, this should mean that at 40 minutes past 12 each day
the user eprints will issue the command reboot.

The problem is, nothing appears to be happening.

Do I need to specify the user?

Should the entries be separated by spaces, or tabs?

Any advice gratefully received.

Best regards,

Alex Birchall
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The Sheppard Library
Middlesex University
The Burroughs
London NW4 4BT

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