[ubuntu-uk] My 'snazzy Korean laptop' has conked out

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Mon Jun 15 09:32:39 BST 2009

ged byrom wrote:
> Are you trying to start it on battery or power lead ?
> Disconnect and reconnect the battery a few times. Try it power lead only. When it's turned off sniff the power socket. Can you smell burning ? If yes then I think it's young James' department.
> I had one that reported a damaged or discharged battery. I took the battery out and used the power lead for a couple of months. Plugged the completely discharged battery back in and it now holds a charge where before it would shut down in minutes from a full charge.
> regards Ged. 
A friend of mine had similar problems to this, and when he contacted the 
supplier they told him to take the battery out for a couple of minutes 
then put it back in and start it up, and his worked after he did that.


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