[ubuntu-uk] No IE in Windows 7

Robert Longstaff dreamfish at dreamfish.org.uk
Sat Jun 13 10:05:45 BST 2009

> Personally, I feel sorry for those going to do a fresh install of 
> Vista7, because how are you supposed to download a browser without a 
> browser?

There are three scenarios I can think of:

- Corporate, who have IT departments who will add a browser in
- OEMs, who customise Windows anyway so will easily add in a
- Individuals, who will have to work out how to install a browser

I suspect the first two make up the vast majority of all installations.
After all, how often have you heard of people actually buying
Windows in a box off the shelf and installing it. Even upgrading
Vista is something that can be done online. Consequently, the
impact may be quite small.

Alternatively, those who want to install it themselves may discover
there is no bundled browser and be scared off. They might even
try Ubuntu instead!


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