[ubuntu-uk] Flyers

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Jun 3 19:38:27 BST 2009

alan c wrote:
> Note- the basic reason for the leaflet being non colour is quite
> simply, cost. At the Mac world/Linux world in London earlier in the
> year, I found that 80 per day (4 days) went. If there is even minimal
> colour, it changes the basis of cost a lot. And my wife knows I am on
> a  pension......
> There is another tangential reason for me not using much - if any -
> colour. Although Ubuntu is backed by a commercial company, it is easy
> for the onlooker to believe that these free CDs are the same as any
> other 'free' CD - that they have an invisible hook into their wallet.
> I believe that simple non colour leaflets allow a gentle message that
> at my end at least, this is a pure volunteer community based activity.
> If I do have any shipit CDs then wonderful, however, most times I burn
> my own and they are lowest cost, hand marked, for the same reason.
Yes I can see your point.  I have distributed a fair few Ubuntu & Open 
Disc CDs at local shops including one computer shop who sell CDs, all 
this has been funded by myself (usually a case of buying 100 or so CDs 
online, burning them, printing labels and sticking them in sleeves to 
give away).  Although the per disc cost isn't much (say 20p a disc) it 
all mounts up.  What I'm hoping to do at the first upcoming event (a 
school fete) is to give away the Ubuntu CDs which I have got from 
Ship-It along with leaflets and sell copies of the OpenDisc at say 50p a 
disc which covers my expenses and any profits will then go to the 
school.  I'm actually hoping that I can encourage the school to get the 
pupils to help out (say to design a CD label, CD inlay and maybe a 
flyer) and then they could sell copies of the disc at the school.


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