[ubuntu-uk] Lost network access in Ubuntu 8.04

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Tue Jun 2 14:48:29 BST 2009

I have a further problem now. After having successfully installed Ubuntu 9.04, when I try to boot into 8.04, it stops part way through saying the file system check died, and I have to press CTRL-D to continue. When it loads the login screen, it is in a low graphics mode and the mouse does not work.

I then restart the PC and the same thing happens, now several times. I need to boot into 8.04 as that's where all my software is installed as I have important work to do. Eventually I put everything into 9.04, but for now it would take too long to get that ready to use, but with 8.04 not booting properly, it is a real nuisance.

How can I get 8.04 to boot properly?

David King

>I am having a problem in Ubuntu 8.04. When I boot up, it sometimes pauses and 
>shows the text output, and it is stopped on activating the network card.
>When I get logged in to Ubuntu 8.04, I no longer have any internet access. I 
>have two ethernet cards, and last night, one gave me access but the one I 
>normally use did not. Today neither give me access.
>I decided to boot the PC from an Ubuntu 9.04 CD and using the live CD I could 
>get access to the internet without difficulty. I decided to install this into 
>a spare partition, but I was surprised during the installation that it stated 
>that there was no operating system already installed.
>However, it did allow me to copy settings from Firefox from my existing 
>installation. But once installed, none of my Firefox settings are there in 
>Firefox in Ubuntu 9.04.
>Also, the GRUB boot menu only shows Ubuntu 9.04 and not 8.04 as well, even 
>though it is installed.
>Seems like the Ubuntu 9.04 installation program needs some fixing in order to 
>recognise the earlier Ubuntu already installed.
>But I do not understand why my 8.04 installation no longer wants to connect to 
>the internet. The network settings still show both ethernet cards connected, 
>both set to DHCP.
>David King
>ubuntu-uk at lists.ubuntu.com

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