[ubuntu-uk] Lost network access in Ubuntu 8.04

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Tue Jun 2 14:12:40 BST 2009

I am having a problem in Ubuntu 8.04. When I boot up, it sometimes pauses and shows the text output, and it is stopped on activating the network card.

When I get logged in to Ubuntu 8.04, I no longer have any internet access. I have two ethernet cards, and last night, one gave me access but the one I normally use did not. Today neither give me access.

I decided to boot the PC from an Ubuntu 9.04 CD and using the live CD I could get access to the internet without difficulty. I decided to install this into a spare partition, but I was surprised during the installation that it stated that there was no operating system already installed.

However, it did allow me to copy settings from Firefox from my existing installation. But once installed, none of my Firefox settings are there in Firefox in Ubuntu 9.04.

Also, the GRUB boot menu only shows Ubuntu 9.04 and not 8.04 as well, even though it is installed.

Seems like the Ubuntu 9.04 installation program needs some fixing in order to recognise the earlier Ubuntu already installed.

But I do not understand why my 8.04 installation no longer wants to connect to the internet. The network settings still show both ethernet cards connected, both set to DHCP.

David King

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