[ubuntu-uk] Email: default keyring, tray icon

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 15 04:23:39 BST 2009

Dean Sas <dean at deansas.org> wrote: Does your keyring have the same
password as your user login password? Seahorse is not only for openpgp
and ssh but also other passwords you may enter into gnome applications.
Both network manager and empathy in the default install use it.

-- Well, I got it finally; I had assumed that the e-mail notifier was
like a plug-in to the e-mailer, but in fact it's the other way round, so
to speak. One has to set up the e-mail notifier to point to one's
external e-mailbox (Googlemail, in my case), complete with POP and SMTP
addresses, encryption modes, etcetera, just as one sets up an e-mail
client. Then it performs properly, sets a password and stores it in the
default keyring, and (at least, if it is the same as the general log-in
password) allows you to log in to both at once. However, the symbiosis
between the e-mail notifier and the Evolution client is still far from
perfect, I would say; an exorbitant number of clicks are required to get
from the appearance of an e-mail notification icon in the tray to a read
message in the client and a removal of the icon from the tray, all of
which should ideally happen with one click on the icon. The e-mail
notifier appears to prefer to send you to the Googlemail site itself, to
read your mail; the number of clicks required is fewer if you do that.

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