[ubuntu-uk] Ideas for sharing folders

Alan Lord (News) alanslists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 22:43:00 BST 2009

On 13/07/09 22:21, Stephen Garton wrote:
> Evening All,
> Just want to canvas for ideas...
> What is the best way to share a folder with multiple users over
> multiple machines?
> To put into context, I have been playing with UbuntuOne. I have a
> Photos directory which is now [in the process of being] syncronised
> for my user across 3 PC's. I have shared this folder with my wife, who
> can now view, modify, edit and add to the collection. I would like to
> expand this to both of our parents too (mainly for baby photos).
> Does anyone else have anything set up like this? I am thinking
> primarily for photos, but would like to keep away from traditional web
> apps (Facebook, flickr, picasaweb etc). I've thought of setting up a
> directory on my web hosting that all the users/PC's could access/have
> mounted.
> Any thoughts?
> Steve Garton
> http://www.sheepeatingtaz.co.uk

Hi Steve,

I set up a "dropbox" type system at home on my Ubuntu server using Samba.

It lets everyone add stuff to the shared areas (I have three now, 
Pictures, Music and Video) but not delete [or edit]. As I have two 
younger kids this works well. Every so often I go in and delete the rubbish.

I wrote about how to set this up here: 

I reckon though, with some further tweaking it might be possible to add 
edit (read/write) but still not be able to delete. This apparently 
happens at one of our customers Samba shares, but I am not sure how I 
did it :-)

Food for thought.

Of course you didn't say if this was "local" sharing or you needed it to 
be publicly available. If the latter then I wouldn't use Samba. (You 
could look at sshfs for mounting directories over the 'net and use key 
pairs so you don't need passwords.)



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