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    The Real Ale Train

The Watercress Line <http://www.watercressonline.co.uk/> is a small 
steam powered railway line in Hampshire. It runs from Alton Station to 
Alton is the end of the line for scheduled services from Waterloo. Every 
month or so they run an evening special, the Real Ale Train, or RAT.

Basically the train turns into a very very long bar for the evening. 
There are several converted bar carriages and plenty of seating (comfy 
old seating in groups of 4). There is a RAT train on the 7th of 
November, a week after the launch of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala. Steam, 
Beer and Software Freedom seems an irresistible combination so we are 
making this one a Karmic Release Party 

You need to book your ticket 
<http://www.watercressonline.co.uk/section.php?xSec=191> before arriving 
(and fairly soon, they sell out several months in advance), tickets can 
be booked online and cost £10 each. This includes a voucher for your 
first pint. Beer is not "Free as in Beer", but it is just £2/pint

Beards are strictly optional - it may sound like a male dominated event 
(and to be fair, it is) but it has a very friendly atmosphere and all 
are welcome.

Other alcoholic and soft drinks as well as snacks are on sale at the 
on-board buffet. Hot food can be purchased on board the train with 
vegetarian alternatives available. You have to be 18+ to buy beer, but 
there is no age limit (at either end of the scale) for joining in.

The RAT starts at Alton and tootles gently up and down the line a couple 
of times, returning to Alton in time for the 22:44 train back to 
Waterloo. (This is a connecting service, if the RAT is late, the 
mainline train will wait for it)

Dress - something Ubuntu related.

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