[ubuntu-uk] Google Chrome OS Announced

Darren.Mansell at opengi.co.uk Darren.Mansell at opengi.co.uk
Wed Jul 8 14:01:31 BST 2009

> >>>
> >> I'm not sure how correct this is, but I read somewhere (might've
> on
> >> here :P) that the HTML5 standard doesn't actually include the
> opensource
> >> media stuff, because Microsoft and I think another corporation
> >> like it. However, Mozilla and most other groups have included it
> anyway.
> >>
> >> Tell me if I'm wrong, I probably am, but just thought I'd mention
it :)
> >>
> >>
> > Nokia submitted a document that looked like it was written by a 5
> old which basically said 'We don't want OGG media in HTML5 just in
> someone finds a patent after we have implemented it that means
> has to pay for it.' And then recommended to use h.264 because it
> is covered by patents. It's a ridiculous stance so good on Mozilla if
> they've gone against it.
> >
> I wonder if Nokia have got an axe to grind?  Do they have any patents
> H264 or AAC?
> Nice to see that Microsoft used OGG in Halo ;-)
> http://www.postneo.com/2003/10/14/halo-for-pc-uses-ogg-vorbis
> Rob

It seems a strange stance for Nokia to take given their reliance on
Maemo and Linux.

With Microsoft, I think it's very difficult to quantify them into
necessarily good or bad due to their size. They undoubtedly have some
very shady business practices but I'm sure some sections have no agendas
besides making software.


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