[ubuntu-uk] I installed Firefox 3.5, but...

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Sun Jul 5 17:28:06 BST 2009

Paul Webster wrote:
> Hi. I installed Firefox 3.5 using Synapitic. All went well. However, 
> Firefox hasn't noticed any change and still loads as 3.0.11.
> Any thoughts?
I did that too, and not only that, in the addons section, it doewsnt 
load properly, and wont access the addons pages, gives a 404 error.

I am not too sure about 3.5 yet, I'm having to use Windows at the 
moment, on my pc, until I can instll Ubuntu and I am not liking it. It 
keeps closing for now reason, and its even rebooted my pc. I am pretty 
certain its a flash/java problem, which is casuing it, because it only 
happens on sites that have that on them. My pc is brand new, so it could 
also be something else, but not sure.


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