[ubuntu-uk] G1 phone plans - WAS: Re: Webcam as a security camera

Colin Murphy Colin at spudulike.me.uk
Thu Jul 2 12:40:06 BST 2009

On Thursday 02 July 2009 11:11:13 javadayaz wrote:
> Dont take the Unlimited at face value. The unlimited is 3gb's worth of
> data. Although they do say if you go over your limit you will be informed.
> Im with Tmobile. I do occassionaly stream audio but not that much.

Orange, who I am with, couldn't offer me anything, which is why I now have PAC 
code in hand and consider myself between contracts.

Is the 3Gb a G1 special contract - I am looking at a T-Mobile solo (sim only) 
and the best I can find is 1Gb.  I must agree with Michael, T-Mobile do seem 
the best.

I suppose what I was really looking for was a mobile phone package for voice 
that I could 'bolt-on' a mobile broadband package to, giving me, maybe, 3Gb 
or 5Gb - just doesn't seem to be an option.  When I mentioned this type of 
usage to the Orange customer services the guy nearly collapsed.

I am looking for this bandwidth because I would like to dump FM radio and move 
to internet radio streaming instead.  Perhaps I'm just too ahead of the 
bleeding edge for this?

Thank you all for not castigating me on my off topic post, which really was 
meant to go to Javad directly.

Colin at Spudulike.me.uk
Gotta go, things to be, people to do, and stuff to, err, stuff.

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