[ubuntu-uk] G1 phone plans - WAS: Re: Webcam as a security camera

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Thu Jul 2 19:33:09 BST 2009

Colin Murphy wrote:
> On Thursday 02 July 2009 11:11:13 javadayaz wrote:
>> Dont take the Unlimited at face value. The unlimited is 3gb's worth of
>> data. Although they do say if you go over your limit you will be informed.
>> Im with Tmobile. I do occassionaly stream audio but not that much.
> Orange, who I am with, couldn't offer me anything, which is why I now have PAC 
> code in hand and consider myself between contracts.
> Is the 3Gb a G1 special contract - I am looking at a T-Mobile solo (sim only) 
> and the best I can find is 1Gb.  I must agree with Michael, T-Mobile do seem 
> the best.
> I suppose what I was really looking for was a mobile phone package for voice 
> that I could 'bolt-on' a mobile broadband package to, giving me, maybe, 3Gb 
> or 5Gb - just doesn't seem to be an option.  When I mentioned this type of 
> usage to the Orange customer services the guy nearly collapsed.
> I am looking for this bandwidth because I would like to dump FM radio and move 
> to internet radio streaming instead.  Perhaps I'm just too ahead of the 
> bleeding edge for this?
> Thank you all for not castigating me on my off topic post, which really was 
> meant to go to Javad directly.
Yes, the G1 has it's own tariff on T-Mobile, it's due to the G1 chatting 
to Google 24/7.
You can't get the tariff  without buying a G1.
I've had mine six months and used a lot of bandwidth, can't say how much 
exactly but a lot...
No ones, complained to me yet... And I use the Last.FM app to stream 
music, it's brilliant, as long as you've remembered to charge the battery!

The cheapest tariff they do is £25/month, 200 txts/200mins (though I 
think I got a special with 400 txts), and I paid £40 (I think) for the 
I don't you'll beat it, on sim only deal, and having to pay for the G1.


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