[ubuntu-uk] Hibernation and Suspend on Toshiba Satellite

Gordon Burgess-Parker gordon at gbpcomputing.co.uk
Wed Jul 1 12:49:17 BST 2009

Rob Beard wrote:
> Have you created a swap partition that is bigger than the amount of
> system memory you have?
Yes  2GB RAM, swap partition is 4.7 GB....

> When you suspend does the laptop appear to power off?

> On my laptop when I suspend it will take a few seconds then it will
> appear to power off but the power LED goes amber and flashes. 

That doesn't happen.....

> Pressing
> any key resumes the laptop. Saying that though I believe I had problems
> with Suspend on an older version of Ubuntu.

"any key" works, and this is 9.04....

> (Not to mention in suspend mode, although it powers the machine off
> pretty much, it still does drain your battery so if you have a low
> capacity battery you don't get that much longer in suspend mode).
> Rob

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