[ubuntu-uk] Using an Nvidia MX440

piskie ubuntu at talktalk.net
Fri Jan 30 18:43:27 GMT 2009

Yes I did - up to Intrepid, though it took some fiddling then - I can't 
remember quite what I needed to do, nor did I ever try it wine.

Originally I did have some odd font problems but they seemed to be 
caused by an oddity in my /home.

I do have copy of my old xorg if that's of any use


Steve Baugh wrote:
> I have two Ubuntu systems, this one using an Nvidia 8400 quite
> successfully and anther one which is only used for my Amateur Radio
> activities.
> The second PC has an Nvidia MX440 in an AGP slot. The 2D nv driver works
> OK but I would like to be able to run programs using OpenGL. To this end
> I downloaded the version 96 driver from the repository and activated it.
> I then found that the programs I run under Wine had their menu text
> scrambled and when I enabled desktop effects pop-up windows and
> Screenlets were blank. I have now deactivated it.
> Has anybody managed to get 3D working with this card?
> Steve, Bracknell

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