[ubuntu-uk] Clearing home directory at logout

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Jan 30 14:35:08 GMT 2009

On 30/01/2009 12:44, Lucy wrote:
> 2009/1/29 Rob Beard<rob at esdelle.co.uk>:
>> Actually having a bit of a play I think I might have found a
>> workaround.  I ended up installing the GDM Watchdog which checks for
>> when a user logs out (or alternatively turns off the client).  It then
>> closes all the users processes so in there I've put in a test command
>> which works and runs as the logged in user.  Hopefully I can put
>> together a simple script to empty the home directory and unpack a tar
>> archive back into the directory.  Not ideal but as I'm on a tight
>> schedule (server is being installed on Saturday and goes live on the 7th
>> Feb) it looks like it'll have to do.  I'll just have to try and find a
>> more elegant solution afterwards.
> Rob, debian's LTSP package uses LDM rather than GDM to control logins.
> I don't know if Ubuntu is the same? Have you tested the script on the
> LTSP machines yet?
Yep with the GDM Watchdog it does seem to work.  I'm not sure what 
Ubuntu uses, I know it's LTSP 5 but I haven't really looked into it that 
far, last time I did anything serious with LTSP was on Debian Sarge with 
LTSP 4.2.
> For LDM, the LTSP howto describes different scripts that can be
> executed on startup, login and logout. It also has a section on
> customising the screensaver, which might be useful (on debian it locks
> the screen after a few minutes, which isn't always helpful).
> You might want to have a read if it turns out you are using LDM:
> http://www.ltsp.org/~sbalneav/LTSPManual.html#id2537250
Thanks I'll take a look.


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