[ubuntu-uk] Buying a Acer Notebook.....

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Feb 2 22:51:10 GMT 2009

On 02/02/2009 17:27, Alec Wright wrote:
> I got myself one of those. It's got a very dated an unattractive
> looking interface, and firefox 2 beta. It runs a 2.4 kernel on a
> MIPSEL processor. You cant reach the TTY or a graphical shell, andthe
> pacakge management/upgrade system doesnt work. The OS is a lockdown so
> you cant install anything else, except xenium linux which is hacked to
> work on it. When I tried xenium, it made it permanently unbootable.
> Then the battery exploded/melted. After a lot of arguing, i got a
> refund, but only for the notebook itself, and not the 16 quid postage
> both ways.
I presume you're on about the Maplin netbook rather than the Aspire One?

I did consider one of those Maplin netbooks when they were nearer to 
£150 but after reading that they didn't have an x86-compatible processor 
I decided against it.  There's one thing about getting a netbook that is 
capable of running XP, at least you know it's pretty likely that Ubuntu 
will run on it without much messing around.


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