[ubuntu-uk] getting my Jaunty working again....

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Wed Apr 22 08:46:02 BST 2009

So the release date is only a matter of hours away and now, having
been reprimanded for having a beta version and moaning it wasn't
working, I am planning to hopefully get Jaunty working again over the

The symptoms are that it gets to the login prompt on X and then just
hangs entirely.  I also haven't managed to get it to boot into
recovery mode either to look at logs etc., so I think there's
something a bit fundamental gone wrong.

Is there any way, do you think, that I could "upgrade" from an ISO
without losing all my custom configuration, or is the best thing to
back up the /home structure and wipe?

Thoughts very gratefully accepted,


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