[ubuntu-uk] Release: Welsh Party - Starbucks, Cardiff CF10 2BJ until 7pm

Christopher Swift Chris at Chrisswift.eu
Tue Apr 14 15:50:02 BST 2009

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Cornelius Mostert wrote:
> Hallo all..
> I saw this on your site and would love to go but I have a full family (wife,
> and 2 small children) and therefore can not hang around indefinite and
> therefore would like to ask what is the starting time for the *Morning
> session* (25th April 2009 - Welsh Party - Starbucks, Cardiff CF10 2BJ until
> 7pm), I can see it ends at 19:00 when it moves over to the bar.
> Just to let you know I have to do almost 80 Miles to get to this party and
> this is just one more reason for me to know the start time...
> thanx

I'm not entirely sure what time the first people will be arriving, I'm
beginning to ask in IRC to see what times people are going. You can come
yourself and get to see people before you meet up with us, there is info
available on how to join here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WelshTeam/IRC . I
personally will have work on Saturday and depending on how I manage my
time I'll hopefully make it just we start or even halfway through if
possible! When this was all planned, I was jobless but now I may be
delayed due to this issue.

I really cannot put a time on when it starts but if you come over into
IRC you can see when people are going there or even see if people reply
through the list itself regarding times available. Off-topic however you
have an interesting surname, is it of South African lineage and from
which part of Wales or England are you traveling from?

With kind regards,
Christopher Swift.
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