[ubuntu-uk] [Welsh] Confirmed Welsh Release Party

Christopher Swift Chris at Chrisswift.eu
Mon Apr 13 19:10:21 BST 2009

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Matthew Daubney wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-04-13 at 03:22 +0100, Christopher Swift wrote:
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>> I'd like to get a general headcount for the day, so if possible could
>> you email me back to this address either directly or through this
>> mailing list so that I can get a rough estimate and/or give you
>> directions for the (two) venue(s). My mobile number is however listed on
>> the poster too if directions are required, however I cannot make
>> outwards calls or texts momentarily.
> <snip>
> Alright chap,
> I shall be attempting to come along, just need to check the train times.
> I'll be taking the choo choo from Swansea to Cardiff if anyone wants to
> meet up on the train. 

I'm coming from Neath which is en-route from Swansea to Cardiff, I'll
try to find you on the train somewhere! In fact I reckon a few will be
on the very same train route. Let me know what time you can make it
nearer the time.

> I must admit I don't like Cardiff that much (but I don't like Swansea
> that much either) so I may just tootle along to Starbucks then catch a
> train back, but it depends how I'm feeling that day :)

I don't like cities that much either but hey we're hardly going to host
it in a cave half way the valley or something :).

> Cheers for organising something, it's good to see people stepping up to
> the mark.

Yeah and it couldn't have been done without the assistance of the others
in IRC and the rest of Ubuntu Cymru :).

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