[ubuntu-uk] Hardware failure?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Sep 29 22:22:08 BST 2008

Seif Attar wrote:
> Hello,
> I have had problems with ubuntu freezing on gutsy and it's still
> freezing with hardy, thought it was x64 problem, so i switched to x32
> ubuntu, but it's still crashing! then i realised it might not be ubuntu
> at all. so I ran a memtest, that froze as well, I assume that if the
> memtest froze then it's not a memory problem? otherwise it would have
> detected the problem?
> what else can I do to find the culprit? I tried removing all the pci
> cards, it still crashed, I am trying the option noapictimer for the grub
> menu, as a thread I found suggested, will see how that turns out. Next I
> am going to remove one of the ram and leave one, swapping later, that
> way i'll know for sure if 1 of them is broken. 
> any other suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? maybe benchmarking
> software for ubuntu?
> Thanks,
> Seif A.

How old is the system?

Just thinking if it's more than a few months old it might have got a bit 
clogged up with dust inside.  That's worth checking, as you mention, 
removing the ram is a good idea.  Does it free quickly or is it after an 
extended amount of time?

Also make sure the things like CPU fans and any fans on the video card 
are working okay.  You might be able to get the CPU and case 
temperatures from your BIOS, if so how high is it immediately after a 
freeze?  (It shouldn't go down by much if you reboot it straight after a 


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