[ubuntu-uk] Hardware failure?

Seif Attar iam at seifattar.net
Mon Sep 29 22:13:34 BST 2008


I have had problems with ubuntu freezing on gutsy and it's still
freezing with hardy, thought it was x64 problem, so i switched to x32
ubuntu, but it's still crashing! then i realised it might not be ubuntu
at all. so I ran a memtest, that froze as well, I assume that if the
memtest froze then it's not a memory problem? otherwise it would have
detected the problem?

what else can I do to find the culprit? I tried removing all the pci
cards, it still crashed, I am trying the option noapictimer for the grub
menu, as a thread I found suggested, will see how that turns out. Next I
am going to remove one of the ram and leave one, swapping later, that
way i'll know for sure if 1 of them is broken. 
any other suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? maybe benchmarking
software for ubuntu?

Seif A.

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