[ubuntu-uk] flash still doesnt work, when try to play flash stuff inside FF2 and FF3

SteveM stevem at sj-morris.co.uk
Mon Sep 29 00:22:14 BST 2008

Mac <Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Philip >>> I've just tried to play a video on the page you give the
> URL for, using Ubuntu 7.10 + FF2, and Ubuntu 8.04 with FF2 and FF3.
> It plays (video and sound) for about a minute with 7.10 + FF2.  Then
> it stops, as if buffering, but it has actually hung and does not
> restart.
> I could hear the sound for under a minute in 8.04 + FF3, but no
> video. FF3 then simply terminated.
> My media stuff is set up (apologies to RMS, though!) according to the 
> excellent HowTo at

Definitely something wrong with the streaming. I get the same results
as you except I also get video using 8.04 + FF3. I tried the same URL
using Vista with both FF and IE. The video would only play for
around a minute.


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