[ubuntu-uk] Skype video on Ubuntu 8.04

Graham Smith myotisone at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 12:39:09 BST 2008

> I had problems with skype video where I could only see the recipents
> video and not my own in skype, after some investigation, I found out
> that skype needs xv output to be enabled, do you have the right driver
> for your video card? try changing the video output in
> gstreamer-properties to xv. At the time the ati drivers only provided 1
> xv port and that is why I could only see one video, in your case it
> seems that you have none, this is just my guess :)

Ah, I wonder. Its a matrox PCI 650, which until recently Ubuntu didn't
support it at all.  I shall need to investigate, enabling xv output.

I seem to remember there was some apparently complicated method of
updating the Matrox drivers, maybe this is the solution.



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