[ubuntu-uk] Free Dell Mini 9

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Sep 24 18:33:18 BST 2008

Matt Jones wrote:
> The mini 9 on vodafone is running XP, It was in one of their in store 
> leaflets. I am currently using the PAYG broadband from 3, which I have 
> found to be very good and pretty speedy over much of the country. It 
> seems to be on a par with my home ADSL, Although in ADSL terms its 
> pretty slow. I am looking at moving my phone to 3 as well, so I can use 
> that instead of the USB modem.

I'd suggest avoiding the Skypephone and go for a popular well known 
brand such as the Nokia phones.  I was shocked to read that the failure 
rate of the Skypephone is rather high (and that was on the 
3skypephone.com forums.  My experience might be just limited to the poor 
staff in the store.  I found the Zavvi store to be much more helpful 
when I went to get a Virgin Mobile phone as a replacement (sadly they 
don't offer mobile broadband at the moment and their data rates are £4 
per meg!!!).


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