[ubuntu-uk] heads up - UK schools frameworks accepted

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
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I wonder if this in any way ties in with the PM's announcement about giving
"poor" children eithre laptops or Broadband access?


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Rob Beard wrote:
> alan c wrote:
>> Open Source makes historic UK breakthrough
>> to date:
>> Sirius, Novell
>> more to come I believe
> I was involved with a SFD event on Saturday in Torbay.  A couple of
> school technicians turned up to the event.  In discussion with them they
> mentioned that they'd love to use Open Source software but part of the
> problem was that some of the educational applications weren't supported
> by Linux (mainly Windows based stuff) and that a real barrier to change
> was the teachers who would get in a flap when they used something
> different (I got the impression that some teachers even the younger
> teachers haven't got very good IT skills).
> If you ask me, I think there should be a big push to some of the
> developers of educational software.  For instance, Granny's Garden
> (http://www.4mation.co.uk/cat/granny.html) which was around in the days
> of the Beeb has a Windows and Mac version but no Linux version.
> I did suggest looking into LTSP with a couple of beefy servers and maybe
> for Windows compatibility a Windows 2003/2008 Terminal Server (surely a
> few Windows 2003/2008 Terminal Server cal's and a couple of servers
> would be cheaper than a load of PCs running Vista).
> I think the most amusing thing that came out of it though in terms of
> wasting money was what one of the other guys in the LUG told me.  A
> friend of his went to look at a local secondary school which his
> daughter was moving to.  He said that the school had a suite of Intel
> based iMacs (and not the cheap ones either!) and guess what they were
> running.... nope, not OS X but Windows XP instead!!!!!
> (Why anyone would want to buy an £800 iMac to run XP when something like
> a £300 Dell desktop would do the same.
> Sounds to me like that particular school was putting style over cost.

maybe there will be a linux os variant called 'Credit Crunch'!

Well done for the SFD in Torbay! We need a few more in UK!
( I was in the Bracknell SFD event)
alan cocks
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