[ubuntu-uk] Windows Server Limitations v Linux?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Sep 23 20:00:59 BST 2008

Eddie Armstrong wrote:
> I saw this item and wondered if any of you gurus can quote figures 
> showing how Linux compares to those given for Windows in this article 
> (just curious).
> Intel's new six-core CPUs highlight Windows' limitations 
> <http://www.heise-online.co.uk/features/Intel-s-new-six-core-CPUs-highlight-Windows-limitations--/111574>
> Eddie
One big limitiation is the amount of users you get out of the box.

For instance, with Ubuntu you could have as many users as the hardware 
can physically support and you don't have to buy any additional licences 
to use Samba whereas with a Windows Server you need a client access 
licence for each device or user which connects to the server.  
Fortanately (as far as I understand it after reading through pages of 
Microsoft licencing documentation) you can mix and max the CAL's on the 
server so if you have users that want to connect from home etc then 
choose a user CAL, or if you have users that work shifts but a limited 
amount of PCs (say 10 PCs and 20 users who work two shifts and don't 
connect at the same time) then a device CAL would probably be the better 

Looking at licencing costs for CAL's, I'd say Linux pays for itself in a 
small business if the business can find someone to install and support 
the system.  I've been looking into Windows 2003 Small Business Server 
CALs for a client of mine, I think they're looking at about another £700 
for another 10 licences!!!

I'm going to suggest the possibility of migrating to a Linux server.


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