[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Windows Dual Boot

Keith Powell keith at keithg4jvx.force9.co.uk
Sat Sep 6 13:40:39 BST 2008

Jason Liquorish wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Sep 2008 23:31:56 +0100
> "Andrew Nixon" <andrewnixon0 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok strange question but i have a ubuntu system that is running only
> ubuntu, and i could do with doing a dual install with windows,
> however i am not keen to have to format. I really need the dual boot
> with windows for performance reasons on this project and am
> struggling to think of a way to do it without messing up my MBR etc..
> does anyone have any ideas, a backup and restore from my current
> install would be a possibility if anyone has any good ideas for doing
> that.
> Thanks, Andrew.

A suggestion.

Can you fit a second hard drive?

I have Ubuntu and Windows installed on separate hard drives. Both are 
self contained. Ubuntu is a standard installation, its Grub being on its 
own hard drive. So it hasn't touched the Windows drive.

With my motherboard, if I press F8 while the BIOS is booting, I can 
select which hard drive to boot into.


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