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Jason Liquorish jason at dropshock.com
Sat Sep 6 14:13:23 BST 2008

On Fri, 5 Sep 2008 23:31:56 +0100
"Andrew Nixon" <andrewnixon0 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ok strange question but i have a ubuntu system that is running only
> ubuntu, and i could do with doing a dual install with windows,
> however i am not keen to have to format. I really need the dual boot
> with windows for performance reasons on this project and am
> struggling to think of a way to do it without messing up my MBR etc..
> does anyone have any ideas, a backup and restore from my current
> install would be a possibility if anyone has any good ideas for doing
> that.
> Thanks, Andrew.

As far as I know windows cannot be installed inside a logical
partition and I have also heard it cannot be installed within any other
partition than the first one on the disk. If both are true then I would
recommend backing up all the data on the hard drive and then using a
tool such as gparted to move your current ubuntu install over and make
a primary partition at the beginning of the disk for windows.

Once you have done that you can then get windows installed but then
grub will no longer be present as the windows bootloader overwrites it.
That is no problem though, just boot an ubuntu live cd and then do the
1. open a terminal and run the command "sudo grub"
2. in the grub prompt type "find /boot/grub/stage1" and note the output.
3. next type "root (hd0,1)" in the grub prompt replacing the hd0,1
with the output from the previous command.
4. then in the grub prompt type "setup (hd0)"
5. grub should now be restore and you can type "quit" at the grub
prompt and restart the PC to check all went well.

The information on how to restore grub was taken from the quick start
section at
and this is the method I usually use if I have to install windows next
to a previous ubuntu install or if windows needs reinstalling and
overwrites grub.

The other option is to run windows inside a virtual machine within
ubuntu. If you plan to do this then I recommend VirtualBox.
Jason Liquorish <jason at dropshock.com>

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