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2008/9/1 Farran <fazzy.baboon at ntlworld.com>

>  hi all [image: :D]
> has anyone got any suggestions for a new keyboard? I've got a horrendously
> old one, and i'm looking to replace it. i know a lot of shortcut buttons,
> for example, don't always work, and i don't know which keyboards are good
> anyway, so i was wondering if anybody could help me?
> I stumbled across Cherry a while ago with their Linux keyboard. having a
> little difficulty finding the page where they sell it, but i've seen a
> couple of pages where people said they were having trouble with it. is it
> any good?
I've been using a coouple of  Lenovo "ThinkPlus Preferred"s (readily
available on Amazon) for that last 18 months or so .They're under £20.00
each, but I've yet to experience a "sticky" key on either of them (unlike
virtually every MS keyboard I've owned, and I've owned most of them). Their
mechanical action can't rival that of the old pre-membrane IBM monsters, and
they have become a little "clattery" (in both a mechanical and aural sense),
but crucially, I can hit any key from any angle without that nagging concern
that it's going to "jam" if I come in from too shallow an angle (Microsoft
Natural Keyboard - go the the back of the class!). The action of each key is
predictable and there's a decent amount of key travle and tactile feedback,
especially by today's standards. Oh, and they come with a detachable
wrist-rest, USB cable and in a nice shade of anti-kitchenware black.

Summary: they become a little clattery with use, but this doesn't affect
their fundamental mechanical  action and they are the cheapest
"acceptable-quality" keyboards I've ever used.

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