[ubuntu-uk] how to reclaim space after updates?

Michael G Fletcher michael at ilovemylinux.com
Thu Oct 23 20:04:00 BST 2008

>> >> Hello,
>> >> Could anyone tellme how to use synaptic package manager to remove old and
>> >> unused packages etc after an update?
>> >> I now have several option in grub, and would like to clean things up.
>> >>
>> >> Many thanks,
>> >> SI
>> >>

When you say several option in grub, do you mean several different
kernels to boot from?

If so, you can remove the ones you are not using manually in synaptic.
 Just be very careful you do not delete the kernel packages for the
kernel you are currently running.  the ones to look for are:

linux-restricted-modules (if you are running them)

Just be very very careful! make double sure you are only removing the
kernel numbers you are not using :-)

I think that grub will also be automagically adjusted to show only the
installed kernel versions.


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