[ubuntu-uk] [ANNOUNCE] Time for a change

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Fri Oct 17 15:50:07 BST 2008

Hi all,

Just over a year ago [0] I was narrowly voted in as the Point of
Contact (PoC) for the UK LoCo team. I've enjoyed the role, but feel
that the team is in need of invigoration, and as such I will stand
down from the post as of 30th November 2008.

Since I have been PoC for the Ubuntu LoCo I have not devoted as much
time and effort to the team as I envisaged, and this has - in part -
led to my decision to step down. I don't want to hold the team back,
or negatively influence the direction of the team.

I would like to see someone enthusiastic take over and spur the team
into action, something I've sadly been unable to do. I will still be
involved in the team, IRC channel, mailing list, podcast and forums,
but will no longer be the contact point for the LoCo as of the 1st
December. I will of course be happy to advise the new PoC should they
need it in the new role.

I propose that between now and the end of October we take this
opportunity to flesh out a fair process by which a new PoC can be

In order to make the process open and fair I have outlined below a
process to select the new PoC. This is of course just a suggestion and
is open to discussion. I propose we take until no later than the end
of October to discuss this and come up with a solution.

Between now and the middle of November members of the UK LoCo should
consider putting themselves forward for the position of Point of
Contact, and ready their pitch.

At some time before the end of the 14th of November, those wishing to
be put forward for the position of UK PoC should place their name and
pitch on the wiki [1] for consideration by those people in the UK LoCo

On the 15th November, a poll within the UK Team [2] using
Launchpad.net should be created by an administrator of the team,
listing each of the candidates listed at [1]. The poll should start on
the 16th November 2008 and run until the 30th November 2008.

During the period 16th-30th November, members of the UK Team (except
the outgoing PoC - namely me) will be eligible to vote for a new PoC.
The winner being the person with the most votes. In the unlikely event
of a draw, the outgoing Point of Contact will get the casting vote.

On or after the 1st December the new PoC will be announced and all
shall rejoice.

Discuss :)


[0] https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-uk/+poll/ubuntu-uk-point-of-contact
[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ubuntu-uk.org/PoC_candidates
[2] https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-uk/

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