[ubuntu-uk] RE- Changing default settings for all users

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Oct 17 15:46:17 BST 2008

Duncan Collins wrote:
> Rob,
> I am usually a silent member of this list.
> However this is very close to what I am trying to do,
> to set up a work client for an otherwise Windows network.
> I have had some success in using Sabayon to do some of what you mention
> Install Sabayon
> System Administration - User profile editor
> Add a profile
> Create Icons, change settings etc
> Set profile for all users.
> I'm not sure this includes proxy server settings ( I could also do 
> with knowing how to do this for all users )
> Unfortunately I did some of this and it worked, I then went back in 
> and it kept crashing when saving changes.
> Also with the other issue I'm struggling with I managed to corrupt my 
> sudoers file on my test virtual machine, so have had to go back to a 
> backup and am still redoing things
> The other issue is I want to map windows network drives when a user 
> logs in, probably by putting a script in /etc/profile.d
> Drives are for example \\server\users\username
> or \\server\data
> so I need to run comands like
> sudo mount -t cifs -o 
> user=collind,domain=windowsdomain,password=password //server/data gdrive.
> The problem is the sudo, as the windows domain user will not be a sudoer
> Hence my unsuccesful attemps so far at enabling /bin/mount for all 
> users in the sudoers file.
> Been trying with
> user ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/mount, /bin/umount
> I am using 8.04.1 and Likewise
> I see you posted this a while back, so hopefully you have had some 
> success now, I'de be interested in hearing your findings
> and other words of wisdom anybody else has.
> Regards
> Duncan
Hmm interesting.  I haven't actually got that far yet.  Once of my 
issues is authenticating against the server.  I did try Likewise but it 
didn't work very well (I've been using a couple of VM's, one running SME 
Server 7.3 which provides a Samba 3 PDC and another running either Hardy 
or Intrepid).  I've also tried LDAP with no luck.  Just can't seem to 
find a howto which explains how to do it properly.  There's lots of 
information out there, none of it however seems to do the job. :-(


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