[ubuntu-uk] Authenticating against Samba/NT 4.0 domain

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Oct 16 21:36:34 BST 2008

Neil Greenwood wrote:

> There was an article about PAM in Linux Format issue 99. If you
> subscribe, you can see the articles on their website even if you no
> longer have the issue.
> It explains what all of the different pam_xxx.so options do, and how
> to configure them.
> If you aren't a subscriber, or no longer have the issue, I'll have a
> look and see what I can crib from the article to help you out.
> Cofion,
> Neil.

Ahh cool, I'll have to dig it out (I'm sure I have it somewhere).

I did notice reading through the notes for Intrepid Beta that there is a 
new configuration tool for PAM. I'm just giving it a go now by 
installing Winbind and then I'll try running pam-auth-update and see 
what that does.


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