[ubuntu-uk] Problem installing v8.04 from an imperfect 6.06 setup. Help required

Louis Gidney LouGid39 at cromer.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 16 22:55:16 GMT 2008

[ Added later:
I've just thought: I suppose ONE WAY OF ADDRESSING THIS
is to ask the question:  How would I install Ubuntu from
the CD if the machine had nothing at all on it? (ie: no
earlier version of Unbuntu; no MS Windows; not even DOS)
but just a new empty 80GB HD (unfortunately formatted as
MS NTFS as it happens) & the motherboard's BIOS of course.
If that can be done, then I am home and dry!  and all the
other problems are by-passed and superfluous.
Should the disc I've got (the .iso of v8.04 fresh from
the website) "self boot" on an empty system like that ??
If so then I know I've definitely got a hardware problem.
I guess that question should have a simple yes/no answer.
If yes, then apologies to all for bothering you.  Lou. ]

Hello Lee,

> Have you run the "Check this CD" option on the CD?

No I haven't.  I've had a good look today for the
"Check this CD" button or menu option. I would be
grateful if you would tell be how to do it. (It
is a fresh download by the way.)

My only need at present is to install v8.04 on a
new 80GB HD (a replacement for one that went down
some months ago with v8.04 on it).

One trouble I've has is that I can't even open a filer
window of that HD with Nautilus. (The BIOS sees it
alright during bootup and displays its name, etc.)

Also Nautilus can display the CD contents alright,
but I don't know how to "get it going".

Once I've done that, and the v8.04 has proved itself
to be OK, I will delete the current 6.06 Dapper setup.

The only reason for fixing it, is if first fixing it is
needed as the only way of installing the v8.04 from the CD.

I've tried booting the machine with the CD already
in the drive. No joy with that. (and yes the CD is in
the boot options sequence, right after the floppy and
before the HD). No joy with that.


> Err, for completeness the E: is the error message, 
> the W: is warning message...

Thanks.  Aha!  I thought perhaps "E" meant "hde".
Its high time I got down to reading the techie stuff.
So far, I've related to Ubuntu as a mere GUI user.
That I have managed to do that for about 2 yrs, says
a big plus for Ubuntu!

> The pgp is Pretty Good Privacy, it's a way of
> encrypting stuff,

I don't need to encrypt anything because there is
nothing confidential on my computer, and I am the
only user.  If it's causing trouble, is it possible
to remove it?

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