[ubuntu-uk] Problem installing v8.04 from an imperfect 6.06 setup. Help required

Steve Laming laming2000 at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 16 23:47:49 GMT 2008

Hi Lou

Yes, the PC should boot from the CD and give you a menu.  One option will be
to run ubuntu without installing, next will be to install, then I think
there's a memory test and a disk check option, may be another one or two
options but I can't remember now.

If you don't see the menu, the CD isn't booting correctly.

On some PC's you have to press a key in response to a Boot from CD? prompt,
otherwise it skips it.  Did you remember seeing one of those?


2008/11/16 Louis Gidney <LouGid39 at cromer.demon.co.uk>

> [ Added later:
> I've just thought: I suppose ONE WAY OF ADDRESSING THIS
> is to ask the question:  How would I install Ubuntu from
> the CD if the machine had nothing at all on it? (ie: no
> earlier version of Unbuntu; no MS Windows; not even DOS)
> but just a new empty 80GB HD (unfortunately formatted as
> MS NTFS as it happens) & the motherboard's BIOS of course.
> If that can be done, then I am home and dry!  and all the
> other problems are by-passed and superfluous.
> Should the disc I've got (the .iso of v8.04 fresh from
> the website) "self boot" on an empty system like that ??
> If so then I know I've definitely got a hardware problem.
> I guess that question should have a simple yes/no answer.
> If yes, then apologies to all for bothering you.  Lou. ]
> Hello Lee,
> > Have you run the "Check this CD" option on the CD?
> No I haven't.  I've had a good look today for the
> "Check this CD" button or menu option. I would be
> grateful if you would tell be how to do it. (It
> is a fresh download by the way.)
> My only need at present is to install v8.04 on a
> new 80GB HD (a replacement for one that went down
> some months ago with v8.04 on it).
> One trouble I've has is that I can't even open a filer
> window of that HD with Nautilus. (The BIOS sees it
> alright during bootup and displays its name, etc.)
> Also Nautilus can display the CD contents alright,
> but I don't know how to "get it going".
> Once I've done that, and the v8.04 has proved itself
> to be OK, I will delete the current 6.06 Dapper setup.
> The only reason for fixing it, is if first fixing it is
> needed as the only way of installing the v8.04 from the CD.
> I've tried booting the machine with the CD already
> in the drive. No joy with that. (and yes the CD is in
> the boot options sequence, right after the floppy and
> before the HD). No joy with that.
> regards,
> Lou
> PS.
> > Err, for completeness the E: is the error message,
> > the W: is warning message...
> Thanks.  Aha!  I thought perhaps "E" meant "hde".
> Its high time I got down to reading the techie stuff.
> So far, I've related to Ubuntu as a mere GUI user.
> That I have managed to do that for about 2 yrs, says
> a big plus for Ubuntu!
> > The pgp is Pretty Good Privacy, it's a way of
> > encrypting stuff,
> I don't need to encrypt anything because there is
> nothing confidential on my computer, and I am the
> only user.  If it's causing trouble, is it possible
> to remove it?
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