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Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Fri Nov 14 09:05:46 GMT 2008

Stephen O'Neill wrote:
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> On 14/11/08 08:04, Sean Miller wrote:
>> I agree with this, but surely rather than support folks who are
>> charging over the market price for machines we should be encouraging
>> the major players to provide just that - laptops without Vista?
> Whether the machine is overpriced depends on more factors than the raw
> numbers on paper - build quality, component quality, service and even
> ethical concerns carry different weight for different people. That is
> why I say it is unfair to immediately say that the Tesco machines are
> better value.
> What the retailers mentioned in this thread have done is said "here's
> our standard pricing model, and here's it reduced by the value of a
> Windows license".
> Tesco haven't done that.
> You can obviously choose to pay for the Tesco machine, that is perfectly
> valid. However what would make more sense would be to write to Tesco and
> point out that what you perceive to be a competitively priced machine is
> still over-priced because it comes with a £50 license that you won't
> use, and can they please come up with new ranges to take account of that.
> You may still choose to buy the machine with the license, but if you
> don't inform the retaile

I think microsofts argument is that if hardware comes minus an OS people 
will buy that and use pirated copies of windows, (which even as ubuntu 
users, we can't be seen to condone that),  so they have a point,  
perhaps meet suppliers half way and ask them to install say Ubuntu,  but 
sell minus the cost of the Windows license fee and + the cost of the 
ubuntu license fee (£0.00) :).,  that way it can be argued that is 
legal,  if Linux users then want to wipe ubuntu and install debian,  
slakware or whatever they can do.

Perhaps we could draft out a letter between us, so it sounds really 
good, and we cna then send that off to tesco.  ok we can change it 
around but if the wording is right, then it will have good effect.   we 
are after all a collaborative society with OSS so why not OSS letters,  
for this sort of purpose.

this is what the Wiki is for,  surely. create an open letter via wiki, 
and take it from there,  we can print,  modify a little and send off.



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