[ubuntu-uk] Music to your ears, something new for the UK

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Tue Mar 11 17:00:33 GMT 2008

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 04:38:19PM +0000, Chris Rowson wrote:
> I'm mega tired at the moment, I've had flu for a few days now and I
> can't be bothered to debate this to be fair. I'll say what I've got to
> say and then I'll shut up.

If you don't want to debate it then don't mail. Please don't mail and expect 
me not to reply though. 

> I think it must have occured to you that some people who had
> 'volunteered' to help create a podcast may be a little surprised to
> find that it suddenly arrived out of the blue.

Surprised yes. That was the general idea. Everyone should be surprised given 
there were 5 people involved in the creation, a few interviewees, and about 
a half dozen people who have been asked to be interviewed, I'd say it's 
fair for the rest of the planet to categorise themselves as "surprised".

> Unfortunately ubuntu-uk is an informal group and people can't make
> overriding 'executive' decisions to "deliberately keep people out of
> the loop" (as Al suggests) of community based projects.

I don't believe we do need to consult everyone about everything. We'll have 
to disagree on that point and move on.

I'd like to re-iterate that we welcome contrbutions and comments. They help 
us to build a better podcast.

> What we do as
> ubuntu-uk we should always try to do with a common consensus.

In my opinion we had a common consensus "Ubuntu-UK should make a podcast". 
That fact that _nobody_ actually got off their arses to do it speaks 
volumes. We however, did.

> We can't
> decide not to involve people because we mightn't like their
> suggestions.

You're making an assumption about the reason why we didn't get people 
involved early on. It wasn't because we might not like their suggestions. As
I explained, we wanted to get something created. Now the infrastructure is 
there, we _welcome_ contributions from _everyone_. 

> That's my whinge over with. I'm just asking you to consider if you
> could have done this differently?

We deliberated about it and decided that the way we want was the right thing 
to do.

> From a constructive POV. I've have listened to the podcast and it's
> not bad at all.  I'm sure it will develop over time as presenters find
> their personalities etc.  If I have any criticism it would be of the
> music. It's a bit naff and I don't like it. That's just me though!

I appreciate that some don't like the music. I didn't choose it, but I love 
it. Find me a piece of music _everyone_ likes. I'll give you a quid for 
every one you find. Good luck.


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