[ubuntu-uk] Music to your ears, something new for the UK

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Mar 11 19:03:18 GMT 2008

Alan Pope wrote:

I really like the idea of a Ubuntu-UK podcast, I cannot listen to it 
yet and am looking forward to it.

The main issue here seems to be one of people identifying with 
Ubuntu-UK yet feeling alienated from a UK branded, creative, event. In 
saying this I emphasise that this does not mean I believe that they 
either were, or were not, alienated.

> In my opinion we had a common consensus "Ubuntu-UK should make a podcast". 

I have no problem with this, I did not follow its discussion anyway. I 
am also ok if a bunch of people who want to, and who can, actually get 
to do it and do not wait for greater authority, other comments, whatever.

However, there might have been advantage in a pre publication 'press 
release' say, when more than half way through the process. If 
resources were available, a few Q&A and comments. This would have 
enabled some others to identify with the activity rather than later 
being taken unawares. Pre-pub press release or similar with the 
intention to inform is useful in a dispersed group to assist in 
cohesion. Such a press release does not invite creative feeback or 
review, just informs of actions and impending events. This can 
strengthen the self confidence of the wider team.

Surprises are almost always of negative effect and if they can avoided 
all the better. If the surprise is intentional, (hopefully not), then 
the motives need review I suggest.

I look forward to more podcasts. FWIW the only podcast I (previously) 
listened to is the linux action show.
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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