[ubuntu-uk] please, help me buy a laptop.

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Jun 21 22:02:05 BST 2008

James Grabham wrote:
> Sooo, 16th birthday a week on Sunday, college starts in Sepember, so I 
> want a laptop.
> Looking at £300 or less.

If you could manage to stretch your budget just a slight bit more you 
could get a Dell Vostro with AMD Mobile Athlon X2 or Turion X2, 2GB Ram, 
160GB hard drive, DVD writer and 15.4 inch screen.  Dell are currently 
offering free delivery on laptops over £299 + VAT.  I think the one I 
spec'd up for a colleague at work was just over £370, I know a tad more 
but if you can get it then it's worth it.  I think that had Vista 
Business too because he wanted to downgrade to XP Pro.

Otherwise you should be able to get a single core Athlon Vostro for 
around £300 I would expect although performance in Vista will be um... 
slow. (Although you can upgrade the memory on there which will speed 
things up).


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