[ubuntu-uk] Compiz-Fusion

John Taylor john.68taylor at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 20 17:12:43 BST 2008

LeeGroups wrote:
>> The top of SeaMonkey now disappears under the top icon bar of screen and
>> I can't shift it in any direction; nothing else is
>> affected.....................any ideas?
>> Hold down the 'alt' key and drag the window down with your left mouse 
>> button. Then resize the window to fit just less than the available 
>> screen area.
> Yes, that's a a quick fix, but this bug has been around since Edgy, 
> though it seems to be happening less and less often.
> I've only seen it happen once under Hardy...
> Lee
hanks for information never had this problem for the 3 years since I 
started with ubuntu...... it only happening about mid-day today. 
resizing doesn't work... just lost capital letters as well, bugger it's 
going to be one of those days....anyway thanks for information....any 
more suggestion's welcomed

ohn john

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