[ubuntu-uk] [IMPORTANT] Ubuntu UK Bug Jam?

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Fri Jun 20 18:12:00 BST 2008


You may have seen this [0] announcement from Jono about the upcoming
Global Ubuntu Bug Jam, this August 8th through 10th (Friday to Sunday). 

If you don't know what a Bug Jam is then I suggest you follow the links
contained in both Jonos and Daniels [1] messages to the LoCo contacts
mailing list.


1) Anyone fancy helping run a Bug Jam in the UK?
2) Shall we have more than one at various places around the UK?
3) Suggestions for venues which can accommodate a number of people over
that period?
4) If we have enough people does it make sense to have another "Jam" at
the same time/venue - a packaging jam, wiki cleanup jam, documentation
jam or launchpad answers jam for example? Suggestions for other jams..?

mmmmm Jam... http://drool.popey.com/ 

Quick points:-

* Anyone can get involved, you don't need to be a coder.
* We don't have any locations in mind at the moment, but will of course
start asking around.
* Would be good to tie this up with a social meet up on the Friday
and/or the Saturday night, given we as a group don't get together too



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