[ubuntu-uk] dv video importing

Farran fazzy.baboon at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 16 18:14:36 BST 2008

hey all
a friend took some video of a band playing at a gig a while ago. I like
to think of them as my band - I don't play, but I do do the sound, and
me and a friend wanted to make them a music video. So we're both taking
the dv video and fiddling, seeing who can get the best results and
clipping it together.
I've failed at the first hurdle - he's on windows and I said my Linux
Box was brilliant. How do I import the video? I don't have firewire on
my motherboard (but I was thinking about getting a PCI card), but the
camera does usb too. I think I've found the device -
possibly /dev/sequencer2 (obviously it's not video1394) - but none of
the programs will find it...
help please :D?


Farran Lee
I'm only 15 :-P
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