[ubuntu-uk] dv video importing

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Jun 16 18:43:56 BST 2008

Farran wrote:
> hey all
> a friend took some video of a band playing at a gig a while ago. I like 
> to think of them as my band - I don't play, but I do do the sound, and 
> me and a friend wanted to make them a music video. So we're both taking 
> the dv video and fiddling, seeing who can get the best results and 
> clipping it together.
> I've failed at the first hurdle - he's on windows and I said my Linux 
> Box was brilliant. How do I import the video? I don't have firewire on 
> my motherboard (but I was thinking about getting a PCI card), but the 
> camera does usb too. I think I've found the device - possibly 
> /dev/sequencer2 (obviously it's not video1394) - but none of the 
> programs will find it...
> help please :D?
> thankyou

What is the model of the camera?

Some of them use USB to act as an expensive webcam (at least my Dad's 
Panasonic does this).  If you search for the model of the camera on 
Google it might give you something to go on.  Chances are someone with 
the same camera would have already tried it with Linux.

Still think maybe you should look at getting a Firewire card if you can, 
they're only about £10 (if that) and can be used for other things too 
like external hard drives etc.


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