[ubuntu-uk] How to sync Liferea on two PCs

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 1 06:22:30 BST 2008

LeeGroups wrote:
> Ah! All you've done is to miss off the 'r' option that recurses into sub 
> folders.

I used 'rsync -avz', so shouldn't it have recursed, as the -a option 
includes -r?

> The permission one is easy to fix too...
> So a quick chown command (with the recursive option) will straighten it 
> all out once the rsync has finished

I'll test this out in a script as you suggest.

The data that's not being read/handled properly appears to be in 
~/.liferea_1.4/feedlist.opml and probably ~/.liferea_1.4/liferea.db 
(though that doesn't open with a text editor - any ideas how to read the 
contents?).  I don't yet know what's causing the problem with the 
handling of these...

Thanks for your help!


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