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Tim Dobson personalwebsite at army.com
Sun Jun 1 03:06:26 BST 2008

Ken Adams wrote:
> Having a nightmare trying to get my webcam running.

Webcams *are* a nightmare, however, I was elated a few days ago when I 
found that my 8 pound, generic, bottom of the range, unbranded webcam,
a) works natively with amsn & kopete - seriously - these programs have 
AWESOME SUPPORT for webcams apparently.
b) works the same or better with a different driver installed as on windows.

I have no idea whether the details of how I got it working are helpful, 
but i'll try and shed some light.

the main problem I had was that I had no idea about the cameras model. 
nothing on it has any writing.
I pulled out the cd with the windows drivers on it and no-where were the 
ostentatiously. Eventually I located what i believed to be a model 
number of some sort whilst looking at the directory structure of the 
stff on the CD near the driver files.

I stuck this into google and go... well a few pictures of the webcam on 
the hong kong makers site[1] and 101 sites offering me the windows 
drivers to download.

with information about it's model number i googled it and things like 
"linux driver" to find pages of other people trying to get the webcam to 

however, at that point, I still couldn't see anything firm to go on.

I found articles on linux.com[4] which helped me verify using "dmesg | more"

I eventually found a post on ubuntuforums which at first glance was not 
useful at all[5] but on evaluating made sense.

there are *two* drivers that "work" with my webcam.

gspca and SN9C1xx

<starts pretending he is a l33t kernel hacker>

i ran "ls /proc/modules | grep *sn9*" to find the name of the SN9C1xx 
driver module. I then ran[6]

sudo rmmod old-driver-name

to "unload that driver"
and then installed and setup the new driver with:

sudo aptitude install gspca-source
sudo m-a auto-install gspca
sudo modprobe gspca

Whilst I was compiling the driver (the second step) I encountered an 
error. not knowing what to do, I ignored it. Apparently this has not 
done any harm.

through out the whole process I found google and the ubuntu forums 
invaluable resources and that generally I could find out things from 
googling product numbers, drivers etc.

I now have a fully functional webcam, which is extremely bad quality, 
tot he point of needing people to be in direct sunlight to start to show 
up in the picture ;)

The webcam is rubbish, but at least it works just as well as it does in 

I suggest that research about ones webcam is probably the best way to 
get it working. :)

I hope this will be of help to some-one though am all to aware that this 
is specific to the M6323 webcam and other generic webcams using the same 



[2] http://forums.suselinuxsupport.de/index.php?showtopic=16876
[3] http://list.dprg.org/archive/2004-February/024583.html
[4] http://www.linux.com/feature/118896
[5] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=506539
[6] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=353718

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