[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu for $20

Dark Otter hello at darkotter.com
Thu Jul 17 21:16:33 BST 2008

I got an error 17 after re-partitioning. I can't guarantee that this is
the case on yours but mine was because the number of the partition with
ubuntu on changed becasue of the partitioning (according to the info I
read error 17 means it can't find the operating system). Because the
number of the partition was different grub couldn't find it's menu.lst

I booted up puppy linux and managed to fix it by re-installing grub on
the HD (from in puppy) and (also in puppy) changing the menu.lst to
relfect ubuntu's new location.

As I say, can't guarantee it will work for you, but it did when I got
error 17.
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